Dock & roll

The Dock & Roll is an innovative system that can be placed in any truck combination. The system makes a quick loading and unloading possible and decreases the physical labour of truck drivers. In the exchange station, empty roll containers or roll containers with packaging are automatically placed in the back of the truck, the truck driver doesn’t have to do this manually anymore. The Dock & Roll is specifically developed for the transport of roll containers.

    • Trailer without compartments
    • Dock facilities with rails
    • Roll containers that are unique
    • WMS or other similar software
    • Assigning to dock with rails
    • Arranging and managing inbound/outbound trucks and cross-dock operations
    • Scheduling by considering FILO (first-in, last-out)
    • Automatically loading/unloading roll containers
    • Working circumstances law (ARBO)
    • Maintaining system during operations
    • Influence on sorting operations
    • Appropriate management of employees
    • Plan for the equipment
    • Maintenance schedule of the system



Costs Savings